Four daredevils were caught on video climbing a tower at last weekend's One Love festival.

The footage shows a barefoot and shirtless man scampering up the side of a scaffolding tower which was about nine metres high.

Minutes later another man climbs the same structure and the pair wave flags as they take photos and videos.

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The managing director of Safeplank Scaffolding, Bernie Coombe, said the men "wouldn't get a second chance falling from that height" without the correct safety gear.

"If he fell there wouldn't have been much of him left," Coombe said.

Esperanza Ford was enjoying the final song at the One Love festival on Sunday night when she noticed the crowd began looking away from the front stage.

She realised the two men had climbed the structure and another man climbed another tower of a similar height nearby.

"The crowd was very excited, and everyone was cheering for them," Ford said.

"I can appreciate they were in the moment and enjoying themselves, all I was thinking was please don't fall," Ford said.

"They were having a good time; I'm just glad they got down safe."

Another festival-goer, Eli Salmons from Manukau, said he saw two people on each of the two structures.


He said although it was a bit of excitement to watch he hoped they didn't get hurt at the same time.

The One Love Festival, held over two days at One Love festival at the Tauranga Domain, attracted 20,000 music lovers from across the globe.

In its fourth year, the festival boasted an impressive lineup.

Bay legend Stan Walker was also a festival favourite, mixing up his tunes with playful dance sequences at one stage joined by social media star Willie Waiirua.