A strange bright orange mystery light caught the attention of stargazers last night.

Carl Treadwell was leaving a friend's place in Milford with his two daughters when he noticed the strange phenomenon above.

The light was travelling low in the night sky over Woodland Crescent heading towards Shakespeare Rd at about 9.45pm.

Mr Treadwell said there were no flashing lights, no headlights and no sound that would be expected from an aircraft.


But it was moving at the speed of an aircraft, he said.

"I've never seen anything like it.

"It was quite a sight to see."

It did not look like a comet because it did not have the tail of a comet, he said.

The mystery of its origins made him wonder if it was possible it was an UFO.

Treadwell said he had been recently told by friend that it might have been Rocket Lab's Humanity Star.

An answer that would still make the orange bright dot in the sky a rare sighting.

By Rocket Lab's calculations it should not be visible in the night sky in New Zealand until late February.


The Humanity Star was launched by Rocket Lab on January 22.

It is a geodesic sphere with 65 highly reflective panels that reflect the sun's light back to Earth as it spins rapidly through space.

"My eldest daughter keeps reminding me of who found it first," Treadwell said.

"I'm intrigued to find out if anybody else had seen it."​