The stunning summer has proved useful for more than just beaches, with a Spanish glider pilot coming to New Zealand to enjoy perfect flying conditions and scenery.

Jose Blanco captured footage of his flight over the Tararua Ranges without too much fuss, simply steering the glider with one hand, and sticking a camera out of the cabin with his other hand.

He even managed to include a 180 degree pan across the view, including a selfie, and showing the rear of the glider as it came within metres of the ranges.

Blanco said it was partly luck that he managed to get such a steady shot, that helped him include the full impact of the scenery around him.


He'd hit perfect flying conditions thanks to the clear weather, that allowed him to get the shots over the ranges.

The footage was shot over Mt Hector, as Blanco rode the ridge lifts caused by air currents moving over the ranges.

Blanco said that was his favourite type of gliding.

The Spaniard has been gliding for 25 years and is an instructor in his home near Madrid.

He's in New Zealand to enjoy unique gliding experiences, and shot the video during his current stint with the Wellington Gliding Club in Wairarapa.