Cordons have been lifted after a suspicious item was found at the New Zealand Post international mail centre at the Auckland Airport

A Police spokeswoman said the package has been examined by Defence Force staff and there are no longer any safety concerns.

An airport police officer at the scene told Fairfax the item was identified as a cigarette lighter in the form of a hand grenade.

Emergency services were called to the building on Laurence Stevens Dr around 8.15am after the item was identified by an X-ray machine.


The building was evacuated as a precaution until the scene could be cleared by the Defence Force, as per standard protocol, a police spokeswoman said.

Fire and Emergency Services spokesman Paul Radden said a unit was called out to a fire alarm sounding at the NZ Post mail area.

A NZ Post spokeswoman said they were aware of the incident.

Matches and cigarette lighters are listed as prohibited items to send according to the NZ Post website.

"Some items are prohibited as they pose a risk to the safety and security of our staff, for example ammunition and fireworks," the spokeswoman said.

"Others are also prohibited as they are a high risk for us to carry, cash for example."

All NZ Post customers are encouraged to check the website to find out more and if an item is safe to send.