A Whanganui woman who went on a burglary rampage to feed her meth addiction has been sent to prison.

Donna Marie Topless, 39, stood in the dock sobbing while the police summary of facts were being read out at her sentencing at the Whanganui District Court on Tuesday.

Topless, who pleaded guilty to 11 counts of burglary, was sentenced to two years and three months imprisonment.

Between June and August last year, Topless broke into 11 homes located in Kai iwi, Whanganui central and Waverley.


Judge Crayton said according to the police summary of facts $15,000 worth of property had been stolen and had not been recovered.

"In a victim impact statement victims stated that they felt an invasion of privacy and had suffered significant financial loss. They said they were hard working people making the most of their situation."

Defense lawyer, Anna Brosnahan, said that Topless had a problem with meth but had passed a drug test while being held in custody.

Judge Philip Crayton said baches and houses that were under renovation were easy targets and these burglaries were planned and premeditated.

"She was quite clearly feeding her meth addiction."

Stolen items included furniture, electrical items, power tools, Pink Batts insulation and a dryer.

Topless was caught when she was broke into a vacant property in Waverley. She was immediately arrested and has been held in custody since August 17. She is now serving her sentence in prison.

Judge Crayton told Topless that there was no indication any of victims wanted to engage in restorative justice, in fact quite the opposite.