Tempting or possibly down right de-appetising - it's the piece of toast that will divide many.

Dubbed the "Donald Trump is Toast'' auction, a Trade Me seller is hoping to sell off a piece of American presidential history all in the name of charity.

The auction offers a framed photograph of a bit of toast showing the US President's likeness.

Wearing a suit and tie, he is pictured/ toasted with his almost signature thumbs up salute and a slight smile.


The seller, from the West Coast, shares a unique story about how the toast came to life.

"Who knew this morning that when I put a piece of delicious Nature's Fresh white bread into my trusted 1983 Sunbeam toaster, that my life would alter forever.

"For when the toast popped up, low and behold, an image of the man that has divided the world appeared right in front of me, staring at me like an apparition from another dimension,'' he wrote.

"Was I dreaming? Was this #FakeNews?''

The listing goes on to reveal he opted not to eat it - fearing he may later feel an urge to build a wall or take to Twitter to tweet nonsensical ramblings.

There was also a fear of his skin turning orange, he writes.

The listing has attracted almost 600 views and questions from a number of curious people.

One asks: "Surely you can throw in a comb-over comb to go with ... I do like a good comb-over.''


The seller, who wanted only to be known as Adam, admitted the toast was in fact computer-generated; but that the auction was real.

The idea for the auction came after giving a mate - who has a somewhat fascination for the American president - a framed photo of a piece of Trump toast for Christmas.

"It's just a bit of fun, but for a good cause,'' he said.

"All funds raised will be donated to my dear friend, Lisa Fisher, who is travelling to Russia for Multiple Sclerosis treatment in October.

"So all going well, we might be able to raise a little bit towards her costs, thanks to old Donald Trump.''