Auckland Council is investigating the water quality of a West Auckland stream after a young boy reportedly started vomiting and his family's dog had seizures less than 12 hours after playing in the Kakamatua Inlet.

However, it is yet to be confirmed exposure to the water had caused the illness.

The boy's mother, who asked not to be named, raised concerns about the issue in a post on the Parau, Cornwallis and Huia community Facebook page, Fairfax reported.

She said her son and her golden labrador became sick after they, along with the boy's siblings, paddled at the Manukau Harbour stream on Wednesday.


Her son fell and got a face full of water while playing, the woman wrote.

Both were recovering well on Thursday afternoon, according to her Facebook post.

A spokesman for Auckland Council said its pollution response team had been notified.

"While prior to this we have not been made aware of any issues at this particular location, as a general rule we advise against swimming in coastal streams as they have a tendency to suffer from pollution issues and are not considered safe for swimming in."

No possum control programmes were currently taking place near Kakamatua Inlet, he said.

Auckland residents concerned about any water quality should make a report to the Council's pollution hotline on 09 377 3107.

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