Muscle, ligament and tendon injuries were the most common for kids during the last Christmas and New Year period.

ACC received 166 claims for soft tissue injuries for kids aged 0-14 in Christchurch, costing $31,667.

That was followed by 128 laceration, punctures or stings, with claims totalling $17,916.

Fractures and dislocations were the cause of 66 injuries, while there were 11 dental injuries.


Concussion accounted for 11 claims. So did "foreign body in orifice/eye" injuries.

Some of those injuries related to splinters dust or grass in eyes or ears, and some "jewellery-related issues."

Those injuries cost $8591.

On Christmas Day in Christchurch alone last year, there were 67 injuries to kids. In the week between Christmas Day and New Year's Day there were 437. In total ACC paid out $116,582.

Cycling was the most common sports injury for kids during that period last year.

It was the cause of nine injuries, followed by scooters, skateboards, soccer and swimming pools.

An ACC spokesman said they could not tell whether any injuries were caused by Christmas presents.

But he said a noticeable trend from last year was the number of injuries relating to trampolines – 16.


Most common injuries for kids over Christmas and New Year in Christchurch last year:

Soft tissue: 166 claims, costing $31,667

Laceration, puncture, sting: 128 claims, costing $17,916

Fracture/dislocation: 66 claims, costing $47,104

Dental: 23 claims, costing $5490

Concussion: 11 claims, costing $198

Foreign body in orifice/eye: 11 claims, costing $8591

Most common sporting injuries for kids:

Cycling: nine claims, costing $7707

Scooters: seven claims, costing $3003

Skateboarding: five claims, costing $927

Soccer: five claims, costing $256

Swimming pools: four claims, costing $1001