The spirit of Christmas comes in more forms than a jolly old chap with a big white beard.

It's a long way from Matakana to Flaxmere, but New World owner and operator Tim Wilson has embraced the change he made 17 months ago.

Unlike Matakana, Flaxmere has high levels of deprivation and it wasn't long before this 31-year-old saw a way to provide much more than just the basics.

"Early January last year, I was talking to the kids about what Christmas was like for them and how they celebrated – what things they did – and it just seemed there was a massive void from what I knew Christmas to be – a special time of year with family, gifts and food," he said.


Wilson set himself a mission, to provide 12 families with a helping hand for the last 12 days of Christmas, but his commitment to the cause has stretched to 15.

Suppliers and supporters of his festive spirit gathered to fill the pantries of these families and give presents out to more than 75 children, including inflatable swimming pools and self-standing basketball hoops.

This positive story is in stark contrast to the last time Wilson made the headlines when he nearly ran out of shopping trolleys after a spate of thefts cost him thousands of dollars.

"I kind of wake up every morning and give it a fresh start and just go for it – I don't worry about that."

Wilson's staff say his generosity is inspirational, extending far beyond Xmas. His business sponsors a high number of sports teams and community projects.

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