Waikato Police have performed a hiliarious carpool karaoke rendition of Mariah Carey's hit version of the song All I want for Christmas.

Fully kitted out officers from the Armed Offenders Squad, uniformed officers wearing Santa hats and plainclothes staff draped in tinsel - all from the Hamilton Central station - lip sync to the festive favourite in the video, which was filmed inside a cop car driven by Constable Jack Driver.

By last night it had been viewed nearly 14,000 times on Youtube.

The video is a play on the famous Carpool Karaoke video series produced by the US hit TV show, The Late Late Show with James Corden.


It is part of the police's "We want you here for Christmas" campaign, which aims to prevent harm on New Zealand roads and ensure families can enjoy the holiday season together.

Waikato Police have shared the video on their Facebook page.

"Enjoy the clip; have a good laugh and share it round. Its almost Christmas and we want you here (sic)," they said in a Facebook post linking to the video.