This is the gut-wrenching moment a Tongan rugby league fan takes a horrific spill from a car bonnet on Auckland's main street - and walks away unscathed.

The sickening footage shows the flag-waving fan splayed across the top of the car's bonnet as it drives at speed down central Queen St before he is flung through the air when the car suddenly slams on its brakes.

A clip of the shocking spill, posted last night on Reddit by @skaxdalax and taken from an upper storey looking down on the second night of protests over the Tongan Rugby League team's controversial end to their World Cup campaign, shows the supporter hurled metres in front of the vehicle, his legs buckling as he skids along the road.

No one from inside the vehicle, bedecked with two Tongan flags and which appears to be connected with the procession, tries to help him.


Horns blare and sounds of screams can be heard as cars parade up Queen St for the second day after Tonga lost in dramatic fashion to England in the Rugby League World Cup League semifinals on Saturday.

Struggling to get up, the stunned supporter eventually manages to get out of the way of traffic, before being helped by an onlooker standing on the footpath.

Police have blasted those involved in the antics saying it was very disappointing to see those in the video ignoring repeated messages and acting in an "irresponsible and extremely dangerous" manner.

A police spokesman said while there were no arrests or serious incidents from last night's protest action, public tolerance towards the days of celebrations was wearing thin.

"Police have received an increasing number of complaints from members of the public due to the disruption being caused, which is impeding other members of the public from going about their daily business.

Yesterday police had pleaded with Tongan fans to stay home from the protest, saying reports that the Tongan King was sanctioning the demonstrations was untrue. The large public protests were also causing significant disruption to the community and swallowed valuable police resources that could be used to prevent crime.

Police wanted to hear from the individuals involved in the latest video or anyone who witnessed the incident.

Anyone with information was asked to contact Auckland Central Police on (09) 302 6400.