The Ministry for Primary Industries has confirmed a second case of myrtle rust has been found in Auckland.

Located on a private property in St Lukes, the fungus was found on ramarama plants, just four days after the first case was found in the Waimauku area.

Myrtle rust response controller Dr Catherine Duthie said of the 136 locations known to be infected, 90 per cent of those infected were ramarama or pohutukawa plants.

"As with all our previous detections, we've placed movement controls on the new property to stop any myrtle plant material being moved off site.

"Our team on the ground will shortly remove all affected plants to contain any risk of spread," Duthie said.


She said finding another infection in Auckland so soon after last week's detection was disappointing.

"While myrtle rust has been relatively dormant over the winter months, we have been expecting new infections to be identified as the weather warms up and the fungus begins to release spores again.

"If you believe you've found it, don't touch the plant or the rust as this may spread it."

"If possible, get a good photo of the plant and the yellow patches and contact us. We'll look after it from there," she said.

MPI will be keeping people informed about the infection and how to fight the plant disease.

Myrtle rust has previously been found in Taranaki, Te Puke, Waikato and Northland, and was found in Auckland for the first time last week.