It'll be the talk of Warkworth and Greytown.

Two winners with tickets bought in those townships have split Wednesday night's $38 million Lotto Powerball prize, each taking home just over $19.1m.

The prize is made of $19m with Powerball first division and $166,167 from Lotto first division, Lotto NZ says.

The winning tickets were sold at New World Warkworth and Fresh Choice Greytown.

The winning numbers were 12, 8, 5, 36, 28 and 18. The bonus ball is 40 and the Powerball 5.

Four other Lotto players from Auckland, Whakatane, Wellington, and Invercargill will also be celebrating after each winning $166,667 with Lotto first division. Those winning tickets were sold at Halfway Store in Whakatane, Te Aro Night n Day in Wellington, Windsor New World in Invercargill and on MyLotto to a player from Auckland.

Strike four was won by players in Palmerston North, Upper Hutt and Greymouth, who each take home $66,667, Lotto said.


The winning Strike tickets were sold at Countdown Kelvin Grove in Palmerston North, Trentham Mini Mart in Upper Hutt and New World Greymouth.

Lotto outlets say they dealt with high customer numbers all day, and many shops had their busiest day.

Had the big jackpot gone to a single winner, Lotto says it would have been the second-largest Powerball prize won in New Zealand.

Last November, a young Hibiscus Coast couple won $44 million with Powerball, Lotto NZ said.

They said they'd caught up with the winners "to find out how a year in the life of a Powerball winner has been and to pass on advice" to anyone who won a big amount.

"The winner agreed that a large win can seem overwhelming at first, and in the first few weeks," Lotto NZ said.

"'Don't have a heart attack', laughed the winner.

"'And try to remember to eat and sleep in the first few weeks'.

The couple credited solid financial advice for helping them navigate their first year as multi-millionaires, Lotto said.

"I recommend getting a really good financial advisor – someone who is on the same wavelength as you," the winner told Lotto.

"They can help you map out a good idea of what you want to achieve with your winnings, including gifts, investing for the future, and just making sure the money will last."