An esteemed sociologist and university lecturer has let fly on film at heavy-handed enforcers of parking rules at his university.

Dr Jarrod Gilbert, who is on the staff at the University of Canterbury, tweeted a video of his "rant" yesterday after encountering what he saw as unnecessary clamping.

Gilbert's footage posted shows the university's student carpark, completely empty of cars - except one lone car with a large yellow clamp attached.

"It's the goddamn holidays so what sort of a f***wit would you have to be clamp someone's car?", asks an irate Gilbert in the video.


"University security" you bunch of f***ing w***ers. it's not my car by the way but jeez there's some f***in' idots out there."

Gilbert - the author of the book Patched: A History of Gangs in New Zealand - was praised on Twitter for his judicious use of swearwords.

He also tweeted he would be talking to security about the matter.

He told the Herald he was angry that the clampers had stung a student who would have been sitting an exam and probably did not have much money.

"I just thought it was some poor bloody student. Give them a break, I mean good God, it costs!" he said.

"Actually there was another one clamped in there, it just seemed bloody crazy."

Dr Jarrod Gilbert is the author of a history of NZ gangs. File photo
Dr Jarrod Gilbert is the author of a history of NZ gangs. File photo

A University of Canterbury spokeswoman said there were signs in the parking areas warning that parking regulations applied from 8am to 5pm on weekdays all year except public holidays.

"Security staff follow the current parking and traffic statute for the university, which states: 'Vehicles must use the correct car parks to which their permit/coupon applies during the time restrictions that apply. Failure to observe this may result in their vehicles being clamped or towed away,'" she said.

The university's parking regulations say breaking the rules results in a $50 clamping violation for the first offence - all the money goes to the university.

Clamped vehicles may be removed from the carpark after 24 hours.