Two people had a lucky escape when their house was engulfed in flames in Amberley beach early this morning - one of a spate of fires police say could be suspicious.

Southern Fire Communications spokesman Mau Barbara said a smoke alarm woke the two occupants of the home on South Crescent shortly before 4am.

"They self evacuated to their neighbours house and called the Fire and Emergency New Zealand service from there," he said.

Three fire crews rushed to the scene around 4am to find the house was engulfed in flames.


The blaze had since been brought under control and a fire investigator was on their way to the scene this morning.

Barbara said the fire was one of a spate in the Amberley Beach region recently.

"There had been a few fires in the area over the last 12 hours," he said.

"There had been several other fires in paddocks and a suspicious grass fire."

Police confirmed they were aware of several fires in Amberley, Canterbury overnight that were thought to be possibly suspicious.