A man who can only be identified as Witness A has told a jury how at least 20 heavily armed Mangu Kaha gang members advanced on a Rotorua property before shots were fired.

The witness, who was testifying in the High Court at Rotorua via CCTV today, was giving evidence against eight Mangu Kaha (Black Power) members - who, between them, face 32 charges.

They are George Robert Jolley, Cramer Tana McMeeking, Chadwick Tamahou Matapuku, Daniel Tere McMeeking, Waimarama Horomai Te Kani, Robert Julian Dashwood, Christopher John Jolley and Major Wetini (also known as Ransfield).

George Jolley has denied a charge of attempted murder, while the group face charges, either jointly or separately, of intentionally discharging firearms to cause grievous bodily harm, unlawfully possessing and discharging firearms and possessing offensive weapons and being unlawfully on property. In addition, each defendant is charged with participating in an organised criminal group.


Witness A outlined how the group arrived outside the Western Heights property in December 2015 brandishing poles, baseball bats and golf clubs.

He recounted how, after gang-related insults were screamed at them and returned, a young man ran up the drive and smashed a car's back and front windows with a baseball bat.

He told prosecutor Andy Hill he now knew that man was Cramer McMeeking.

"George Jolley had a gun with two barrels, he walked forward, pulled his cap down, aimed and 'woomph'."

"I was thinking 'Am I in a dream, what is happening?'" Witness A said.

He recounted how as he handed a steel pole to his companion, George Perham, George Jolley again raised the gun, pointing it at him, but it didn't fire.

Witness A said Perham had gone looking for George Jolley while he attempted to find a friend of his, telling a police officer he encountered his mate needing help.

"George [Perham] would have wasted me if he saw me talking to a cop. He said 'Don't you f***** open your mouth' but I gave the cop a few names."

Questioned by Jolley's lawyer, Sam Wimsett, Witness A said he'd recognised George Jolley as the shooter because he knew his eyes.

"We've been in altercations before," he said.

"Ever since that day you have lied about Hori George (Jolley) haven't you?" asked Mr Wimsett.

"On the Bible and swearing by Almighty God I have not," replied Witness A.

The trial continues.