Prime minister Jacinda Ardern has invited Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to visit New Zealand.

She did so in the opening banter of her bilateral meeting with him in Manila.

Trudeau did not accept on the spot but said they had a lot to talk about, including a feminist international agenda and indigenous policies.

The TPP will undoubtedly be in their agenda as well as New Zealand tries to work out why Canada was a no show at a leaders' meeting in Vietnam.

Ardern invited Trudeau to visit NZ. Photo / AP
Ardern invited Trudeau to visit NZ. Photo / AP

Trudeau said they had a number of shared values "whether it is a progressive trade agenda, whether it is looking at climate change particularly focused on oceans, whether it talking about own international development policy and feminist foreign policy ... we have an awful lot to talk about."

He congratulated her on becoming Prime Minister.

Ardern said at a person a level, "I certainly think a lot of the things we are focused on, approaching as a new Government are things you have also been dealing with."

She said she was very excited to have the conversation with him.

Foreign minister Winston Peters joined the meeting along with Associate Trade Minister Damian O'Connor who is in Manila for trade talks on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.

Ardern and Trudeau had not met before but they had had a Skype conversation shortly after she was elected leader.

They attended the opening of the Asean Summit earlier today along with US president Donald Trump who grimaced during the Asean handshake - arms crossed and linked to the leader either side of him.