Wellington is embracing football fever one day out from the All Whites' Fifa World Cup qualifying match against Peru.

The streets of the capital have been lined with flags backing the All Whites.

Westpac Stadium Chief Executive Shane Harmon said it would be the country's most-attended football game, with a maximum crowd of 38,000 packing the stadium.

The previous record was 2009's World Cup qualifying match against Bahrain, which more than 35,000 fans attended.

About 15,000 people attending tomorrow's game were coming from outside the Wellington region.

Harmon said 600 tickets were still available, but they're likely to be sold by the end of the day.

Wellington was expected to get $8 million pumped into its economy as a result of the game and local bars in the capital were hoping to take advantage of the influx.

Wellington pub Back Benches was preparing to cater for the overspill of football fans.

General Manager Lucy Newrick says the pub would be hosting a barbecue and playing the game for people who didn't get tickets.

New Zealand Football supporters group, White Noise, was calling on all supporters to don their whitest clothes.

Spokesperson Tracey Hodge said "It would be great to see a sea of white. Get a boiler-suit, hunt out the wedding dress, play doctor for the night, reuse the ghost costume from Halloween, heck - paint yourself white! It doesn't matter what, it just matters that it's white".

The game kicks off at 4.15pm on Saturday.