A Masterton couple have spent several thousand dollars on security for their house after a burglary last week in which treasured items including a set of war medals were taken.

Two service medals, a Japan force medal and a Korean force medal were seized in the burglary on Thursday last week, as well as a $5000 engraved watch that was given as a leaving gift to Ian Bradley by his employer after 25 years in his last job.

"I feel gutted and violated," said wife Sue Bradley, who arrived home about 3.30pm to find the house a mess, with drawers open and clothes strewn across the house.

The couple had both left for work about 6.15am and were burgled while out.


A collection of watches was taken, including Sue Bradley's grandmother's watch, her mother's watch, and the first watch she ever received as a child.

A laptop was also stolen.

"The fact that they've gone through all our personal things, it's just disgusting," she said.

"I've just spent a few thousand dollars putting security on the house. We've got an alarm now ... cameras put in this afternoon.

"It's pretty darn horrific to be honest. You sort of hear of other people being burgled and you think 'Oh, those poor people' ... it's pretty horrible."

She asked that the thief hand them in to the police, or even leave the items somewhere and notify police.

Senior Sergeant Gordon Crawley said there didn't appear to be any forced entry to the house in the burglary.

"They've come home and been alerted to the fact that someone had been in their house - boxes on their bed, clothes thrown across the floor, drawers open," he said.


Anyone with information should contact the Masterton police station or provide information anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.