A Waikato clothing store has been the target of ram raid thieves for the second time this year - except this time they escaped with little.

Waikato police Senior Sergeant Phil Ruddell said the Stirling Sports store in Cambridge had since increased its security since the last ram raid in March, which saw thousands of dollars worth of stock taken.

However, although the thieves went to extreme lengths to try to get the vehicle into the store, they only managed to flee with a few items from the window display.

Ruddell said the car reversed its way down the Victoria St footpath about 4.15am today in attempt to access the store.


"The vehicle has reversed down the footpath and into the front of the shop.

"Due to the security measures in place the offenders didn't actually get into the shop but we are aware they have reached through the broken glass to steal some items from the window display."

Ruddell said police still unsure as to what or how much property was stolen.

They were also yet to get details of the offending vehicle, he said, but police were keen to hear from anyone who saw any suspicious activity around Victoria St at that time of the morning.

Stirling Sports stores have often been targeted by thieves recently. The Hamilton branch at The Base Shopping Centre was also hit in July and tens of thousands of dollars worth of stock taken.

The Te Awamutu store had also been struck twice in five weeks earlier this year.

Anyone with information is urged to phone Cambridge police or Hamilton Central Police Station on 07 858 6200.