Two Indian men jailed for more than seven years today after being found guilty by two juries of raping a 17-year-old woman on a New Brighton surf club roof will be deported on their release.

Belated claims of remorse by Parampreet Singh, 27, and Amritpal Singh, 25, weren't believed by a judge as they were sentenced at Christchurch District Court this morning.

The girl had contacted Parampreet Singh on a dating website.

He brought his friend Amritpal Singh with him to meet her outside New Brighton Surf Club on December 23, 2013.


The teenager was encouraged to drink vodka, and was then raped on the roof of the surf club.

The men later claimed she was a willing participant.

But two juries disagreed.

Crown prosecutor Deirdre Orchard said the sexual assaults had been "degrading in the extreme".

The offenders had shown no pity or compassion, she said, and the impact on the victim continues to this day.

Any discount for their claims of remorse would be "totally inappropriate and almost insult to injury". Orchard said.

Defence counsel Simon Shamy said Amritpal had thought at the time she consented but now realises he was wrong.

He now accepts responsibility for the actions that have brought shame to his family, Shamy said.


Both men say they won't appeal the convictions and know they will be deported on release from prison.

Judge David Saunders said the victim had been traumatised.

He found it difficult to accept either men's remorse.

Parampreet was jailed for seven years, nine months, and Amritpal for seven years, six months.