A Kiwi woman is on a mission to find the 145 "twins" who share her exact birth date before she hits 40 next year.

Rebekah Cook wants to interview all the New Zealanders born on September 21, 1978 for her personal project. She wants to know what these people have experienced.

"I want to ask them about what they've achieved, what they feel good about, any particular life wisdom they've learnt from different experiences and what their future goals are - what's next for them.

"It's comparing where you're at in life with others to find out more about other people in my life stage.


"I like seeing people at the same stage of life as me, seeing how they see the world. It just really fascinates me."

Cook, who lives in Nelson, has already contacted 10 birthday twins overseas, seven of which replied, but she'd now like to turn her efforts to New Zealand. Statistics NZ found that 146 babies had been born on Cook's birth date - one of the babies is her, so she's looking for the remaining 145.

Any willing interviewees will be emailed a list of questions. At the end of the project Cook will publish the questionnaires, without names, on her blog.

Turning 40 is like the halfway point in life, Cook said. She was re-evaluating her purpose and even her career. After working in early childhood care for 21 years Cook is going to study how to be a careers adviser next year.

She hopes she will be able to guide others into the right choice.

"A career is a very important aspect of life. If I can help people find the right career for them that's a biggie.

"The first half my life was about ticking those boxes - get the husband, child, career - now the second half of life more about significance, it's about other people and making a difference rather than just about myself."

Email Cook on rebekah.cook2@gmail.com if you know anyone who shares her birthday - September 21, 1978. Or visit her website here.