A concrete truck has smashed into a house on Waterloo Rd in Christchurch

Police are at the site near Carmen Rd in Hei Hei after the incident occurred around 9am.

No one was injured.

Police say the truck crashed through two fences before hitting the house.


There were no injuries but the driver and an occupant of the house are shaken.

A bystander told Newstalk ZB it looks like a truck went through the middle island of the road and smashed through a fence.

He said cars are parked up along the side of the road, including four police cars and a dog unit.

A neighbour desribed the incident.

"I was in the house talking to my mum, next thing I saw a concrete mixer come through the fence and the neighbour's fence," she said. "Heard a loud bang and that was it.

"I was lucky my son wasn't playing out at the gate.

"He [her son] would normally be out here playing, standing at the gate watching the trucks go past ... so it's lucky he wasn't here"

"He's [the driver's] saying he was trying to avoid a kid, but witnesses say there were no kids."