National leader Bill English says he remains determined to lead a strong, stable government for the next term despite losing two seats after the special votes were counted.

The National leader today "welcomed" the final results.

"It would've been nice to have kept those two seats and the excellent MPs that are represented, but it doesn't fundamentally change the equation. National is significantly the largest party and it's confirmed that result now."

English said he did not believe it significantly weakened National's position going into negotiations with New Zealand First.


"It doesn't fundamentally change negotiations."

The negotiations are now going to be focused on the issues - like the economy - rather than the number of seats, he said.

"These results confirm that National is significantly the largest party, 10 seats ahead of Labour.

"I want to thank the more than 1.15 million voters that placed their trust in the National Party, and I remain as determined as ever to lead a strong, stable government for the next three years that will deliver on the hopes and aspirations of all New Zealanders," English said.

"Not since 1969 has the National Party finished ahead of the Labour opposition at four successive elections, and I want to thank everyone involved in this historic achievement.

"Now that the special votes have been counted it's time for political parties to get on with the job of forming a strong government to take New Zealand forward, and I look forward to engaging with Mr Peters and New Zealand First over the coming days to achieve that.

"Voters had a clear choice at the election between the two major parties that had a realistic prospect of leading the next government.

"They signalled very clearly that they wanted National to perform that role and we will now get on with the job of trying to give effect to their wishes."