A man squatting on Maori land has given the New Plymouth District Council the middle finger by building a new house on the Waitara beachfront.

According to the council, Kevin Moore's structure is illegal, but the former gang member is refusing to leave, saying it is his ancestral land.

No building consent has been issued for the structure, but Moore said he doesn't need to obey the laws.

"The council, here on Maori land, have no say," he told 1 News. "So I just disregard what they say and just don't take no notice."


The structure Moore built is located on Maori land owned by the Rohutu Block Trust, but the former gang member is not one of the 170 registered owners of the land.

According to the council, the Trust doesn't want him living on the land, but Moore said the property has been blessed by Maori.

Despite calls for him to go, Moore told 1 News he won't be leaving anytime soon.

"I'm just going to keep on doing what I'm doing here, keep building," he says.