Emergency services are attending a crash at the intersection of Gordonton and Thomas Rd - a spot which is rapidly becoming one of worst driving spots in the city.

Police were called to the crash at 4.20pm where there were reports of vehicles blocking the road.

A police media spokesperson said police, fire and St John were in attendance and initial reports were that two injured people were in a moderate condition.

Police were at the scene directing traffic and a tow truck was on its way to clear the carnage.


Hamilton city councillors have been putting pressure on the council to do something about the intersection after repeated complaints from residents. In July, councillors Dave Macpherson, James Casson and Mark Bunting put up a sign on a corner fence which read "Slow the **** down", while they waited for more to be done.

Casson, a former policeman, even took to standing at the intersection with a sign one morning in the hope of raising awareness about the spot. The area near the intersection has been reduced to a 60km/h limit, but some residents are calling for the limit to be extended further.

Last Tuesday night, a man was critically injured and two others were hurt when the vehicle they were travelling in collided with a ute at the same intersection.