A Rotorua man who entered a man's home late at night and headbutted him because he believed the man was selling methamphetamine to a family member, has been jailed for three years.

Matini Matini, 35, appeared in the Rotorua District Court yesterday before Judge Greg Hollister-Jones for sentencing on one charge of robbery relating to a home invasion about 11.30pm on August 13 last year.

The court heard Matini walked into the victim's house with two others, demanded cash and banged his fists on a table, before grabbing the man by the neck and headbutting him.

Judge Hollister-Jones said Matini made the decision to go to the victim's home after drinking alcohol and being told the man had been dealing methamphetamine.


"You took the law into your own hands," Judge Hollister-Jones said.

Judge Hollister-Jones said the victim, his partner and children were home at the time.

"There were young children sleeping in the living room.

"The victim and his partner found this a terrifying experience."

Matini's lawyer Harry Edward said his client was told the victim had been selling drugs to his nephews and disputed the Crown's submission the crime was pre-meditated.

Mr Edward said his client worked full time and was considered an honest and hard working man. He asked for a "healthy sentence of home detention" to be considered.

However Judge Hollister-Jones jailed Matini for three years.

Judge Hollister-Jones said aggravating features included the threat of violence in front of sleeping children as well as active violence.


He said Matini believed he was acting against the "impact of drugs on your family", which was not a mitigating factor.