The Prostitutes Collective says policing their members won't work in Christchurch and is welcoming a city council report discouraging a bylaw on sex workers.

Residents north of Bealey Ave have campaigned for a bylaw to stop prostitutes loitering and making noise outside their homes.

Council staff have now written to residents to say they're not recommending the bylaw to the council.

Prostitute's Collective Coordinator Catherine Healy says it's better to manage sex workers with street lighting and cameras, rather than new rules.


She says fined workers tend to go back to the same spot to earn money to pay their fine.

Councillor Deon Swiggs said council staff need to explain their report in person rather than simply sending a letter.

"I think the reasons are going to go - Well council what are you doing? Why are you not helping us?"

"It's going to relatively interesting to move forward and get their feedback."

Initially Christchurch Police were willing to enforce a bylaw to keep prostitutes out of residential areas north of Bealey Ave, but have since sought legal advice and now say they don't have the powers to enforce a bylaw.

Swiggs said it's a big disappointment and "a slap in the face."

The council will decide whether to bring in a bylaw early next month.