A teen who suffered swift and brutal street justice after he was caught trying to steal a gang member's car says he has learnt a valuable lesson.

In a surprise twist the boy, who was filmed being whacked across his face by a Mongrel mobster, has appeared in a new video offering to clean the same vehicle inside out. He is also promising never to steal again.

Disturbing footage emerged last week capturing an interrogation between a mobster and a teenager accused of tampering with his vehicle.

The teenager repeatedly denied it, saying he was trying to fix the car's chassis before the driver lashed out, striking him forcefully in the mouth.


It has been viewed more than 345,000 times since it was posted to social media and attracted international headlines.

Police appealed for the teen, who was left cowering and in tears, to come forward.

But the latest video posted on The Bro Hub Facebook page shows the pair smiling and getting along in the back of a vehicle.

Entitled "To all you dum haters" the teenager says everyone got it wrong and he will be making amends for his error.

"So this is the fella I taught the lesson to not steal from anybody," said the mobster who delivered the brutal whack.

"Everybody thinks that we're giving him the bash and everything."

The teen injects saying people "got it all wrong" and vowed he would "never ever" steal again.

"Yous got it all wrong guys. Yous got it all wrong, (sic)" he says.


The mobster described the pair as "all good" and that the young fellow had learned his lesson.

As a form of restitution he would also be cleaning the car inside and out.