Newstalk ZB hosts have come together to predict the election outcome.

Mike Hosking, Kerre McIvor, Leighton Smith and Larry Williams had "The Final Word" on who they think will win tomorrow's General Election and why.

So, without further ado, we present their arguments and predictions.

Mike Hosking

Prediction: National's vote will be very similar to the last election.


Mike Hosking said both National leader Bill English and Labour leader Jacinda Ardern were "genuine" and "very bright" people.

However, he noted that Ardern was "inexperienced" and that she got lucky when the "Greens collapsed".

On the topic of Labour, Hosking also said Ardern's controversial proposed tax policies were a "massive mistake".

When it came to discussing English, Hosking said he was wrong in his earlier belief that he wasn't the right man for the job.

Although he did believe National had been caught out on their social policies.

Moving on to New Zealand First leader Winston Peters, Hosking said he believed this would be Peters' last election.

"He's aged," he said.

Referring to the dramatic polls that have been conducted over the past few weeks, Hosking said there were enough polls to see a trend but that "it could go [still go] either way".

Speaking on the hot election topics of housing and healthcare specifically, Hosking said he understood young people had been locked out of the property market but that housing was expensive all over the world.

Talking about health, Hosking said it was all very well for the opposition to say they will fund more healthcare but that "you will never quench the thirst of the health in this country".

Larry Williams

Prediction: National- NZ First coalition.

Larry Williams referred to Ardern as a "flake". He said he believed Ardern was the least qualified leader in the history of New Zealand.

On the topic of English, Williams said the National leader was "no John Key" and "not great on TV".

He said National lacked vision, which had played a role in New Zealand's infrastructure deficit.

"There is no bold plan," he said. "National historically do things in small pieces, they're incremental."

Moving on to the Green Party, Williams said the issue with the current members was that they were "green on the outside and red on the inside".

He believed a Labour-Greens coalition would be "disastrous".

Kerre McIvor

Prediction: Labour-Greens-Maori coalition.

Kerre McIvor disagreed with Larry William's suggestion that Ardern was a "flake".

"I think people are just sick of middle-aged men," she commented.

Although, McIvor admitted to liking English "a lot", saying he was "principled" and that she liked his social investment policies.

She said this year's campaign lacked the "vitriol" and "nastiness" of previous elections, particularly among listeners.

After having her royal blue dress mentioned, McIvor was quick to show off her red shoes.

"Whatever happens it's going to be okay for this country," said McIvor.

Leighton Smith

Prediction: "Wouldn't have a clue" and wanted to know how long any post-election negotiations would take.

Leighton Smith said Ardern has brought out the best in English and vice versa, commenting that the leaders have enhanced one another.

Ardern is "incredibly good" if she can avoid the answers because, "she doesn't have them", he said.

Responding to Larry Williams' claim that National lacked vision, Smith asked: "Why do people need a vision, why can't we have our own vision?"

"If you have a constant vision you're going to have vision fatigue."

Smith said that the absurdity of the MMP voting system was the fact that after the election, all the parties have to compromise because there isn't enough money, which results in many pre-election promises not being fulfilled.