A pilot escaped uninjured after the gyrocopter he had control of rolled over before takeoff at Whangarei Airport.

The incident happened at Whangarei Airport runway at Onerahi about 3pm yesterday.

Civil Aviation Authority was notified and spokeswoman Philippa Lagan said an investigation would be under way.

She said the pilot was the only person on board the gyrocopter when the accident happened.


"The pilot was not injured and we understand from the airport company that the aircraft has been removed from the runway which is now serviceable again.

"CAA will be investigating the incident but we won't be sending a safety investigator up to Northland.''

She did not have a timeline for the investigation.

Whangarei gyrocopter pilot "Rusty" Russell witnessed the incident and said it was more of a "non event".

"It rolled over in 10 knots ... didn't really take off. It's a private aeroplane."

Mr Russell was himself involved in a gyrocopter incident at the same venue in January 2012.

He walked away unhurt when wind blew his gyrocopter on its left side during landing.

The rotor blades hit the ground and the cockpit tipped over, coming to a stop on the grass beside the runway.