Act Party leader and Epsom MP David Seymour says he can't afford to buy his house in Auckland.

Seymour told NZ Herald Focus' Tristram Clayton that the fact he can't afford to buy the house where he lives shows how deep the housing crisis is in Auckland.

Seymour earns about $190,000 a year as an MP (plus benefits) and was questioned by Clayton about his previous comments about not being able to afford a house in his Epsom electorate.

Despite being in the top 1 per cent of income earners in the country, Seymour said he stood by his previous statements.


When asked if he didn't think his statement was offensive to New Zealanders who are truly struggling, he said it wasn't offensive because "it's actually true".

"I rent a house with a couple of flatmates that cost $2.2 million last time it sold."

Seymour points out that $2.2 million is "10 times" his income.

"The money I get after tax would give me $1000 a year left over after I paid the mortgage. That's not enough for the rates."

The interviewer pointed out that maybe Seymour just had his heart set on a "really expensive house".

"It makes the point, doesn't it?" Seymour replied. "If someone earning $190k is having trouble, then clearly the market is stuffed for everybody."

The average sale price for a 3-bedroom house in Epsom is $1,617,500, according to Barfoot & Thompson's June 2017 suburb report.

Although Epsom is one of the most expensive suburbs in Auckland, Seymour's current home, at $2.2m, is well above the average price, even for that suburb.