Government agencies have been called into help lessen the disruption after the Marsden Point pipeline burst, leaving airlines departing Auckland Airport with only 30 per cent of its normal fuel usage available.

Energy and resources minister Judith Collins said the biggest concern was around the lack of aviation fuel supplies, which has caused major disruption to flights.

There was no issue around a shortage of fuel for motorists at this stage, she said.

Collins said most flights from Auckland Airport were going ahead, but some airlines had reduced schedules for the next week due to the jet fuel shortage.


Twenty-seven flights were affected over the weekend but the number was today down to 14.

However Air New Zealand said it was planning further cuts to its service because it was still using too much fuel, despite cancelling four transtasman and 14 domestic flights.

The airline warned there would be further disruptions to its domestic jet, regional and transtasman flights. Long haul flights departing Auckland on Monday night would also be making refuelling stops at Pacific or Australian airports.

The Defence Force had been tasked with using the naval tanker HMNZS Endeavour to move diesel fuel from Marsden Point to other parts of the country.

To do this, the Defence Force had cancelled a major exercise in Singapore to save fuel and was providing up to 20 additional tanker drivers to assist local operators.

The Government was also trying to get more tankers on the road which could deliver fuel to Auckland and this included easing regulations around hours of work or weight restrictions.

Collins wanted to reassure passengers who had their travel plans disrupted that they were doing everything they could to get the pipeline fixed, but expected it would take at least a week.

"It's been made very clear to all of those working on this that the Government will commit whatever resources and effort are required to get this sorted out as quickly as possible with a minimum disruption."


The fuel shortage was caused after an oil pipeline running from Marsden Point was damaged in Ruakaka, Northland on Thursday.