Vegans are outraged after their picnic has been hijacked by meat eaters.

The Vegan Society of Aotearoa planned a picnic at the Auckland Domain on October 1 for World Vegan Day and advertised it on Facebook.

But the day has been hijacked by meat eaters who've decided to host a "steak and eggs picnic at the world vegan picnic".

It is hosted by Romana Ranginui Tarau and Josh Connolly and currently has over 1000 people interested in attending.


Comments on the event ranged from offended to offensive.

Linda Paul wrote it was time to take the fake event down.

"It's childish to ridicule people who care about animals, the environment and their health. The creator of this event needs to get out a bit more."

Tarau, who would only speak to the Herald via Facebook messenger and refused a phone call several times, said they organised the steak and eggs picnic "to give the vegan community the opportunity to educate the wider population on the issue of meat production and the effects it has on the environment".

He said the two hosts were both making the transition to full veganism "but it's not as easy as one would think".

Vegan picnic organiser Craig Neilson said the hosts of the other picnic were "taking the piss". But he didn't think they would actually show up. If they did, the vegans would outnumber them for sure.

"It's probably a good sign we've reached a scale that we're some kind of threat to their lifestyle.

"But it's pretty tasteless to make fun of animals in pain. Some of the comments are well beyond a joke."


Neilson said the vegan picnic would be an annual event.