A child crossing a road has escaped with minor injuries after he was hit by a car moments after being dropped off by a school bus.

Bay of Plenty police are today warning motorists to stick to the 20km/h speed limit around parked school buses after the 9-year-old was struck by a passing vehicle on Ngahina Rd, Ruatoki yesterday.

The school bus had pulled over to drop off the child around 3.15pm.

The boy stepped out from the back of the bus to cross the road and was hit by an oncoming car.


The youngster escaped with minor injuries but police warn it could have been much worse.

"Thankfully the young boy had minor injuries, but this could have easily been a fatal crash," said Bay of Plenty road policing team Sergeant Ray Wylie.

"This is a timely reminder for people to slow down and stay alert to ensure our young people get to and from school safely."

Wylie said the 20km/h speed limit travelling past a school bus was enforced for a reason with drivers needing to be ready to stop when driving around children.

Police were continuing investigations into yesterday's crash.