What has four wheels, an engine and the image of a man in a suit on its side?

Answer: Not a bike.

And yet, there is was, big and blue and in the bike lanes of a busy Auckland road - a people mover advertising National MP Jami-Lee Ross.

The people mover was spotted on the Nelson St bike lanes by Jono Hill who posted a photo on Twitter.


The Botany MP tweeted an apology.

"This obviously should not be happening and I apologise. As I said earlier, I will discuss it with the volunteer driving our van today."

This morning, Ross said in a text to the Herald that he was alerted to the situation yesterday afternoon by the Greater Auckland Twitter account, and he made the same reply as that posted to Aldworth later.

"Bike lanes obviously are not for vehicles to be using. It should not have happened and I apologise."

He had not yet spoken to the volunteer driving the van at the time, but planned to.

All other volunteer drivers will also be reminded to follow the rules of the road.

Any infringement fines would be paid promptly, Ross said.