Wet and cloudy weather is likely to spoil any chance of a decent look at the "super massive" aurora lights expected to light up skies around the world today.

The bigger than normal lights were delayed overnight and due to be seen from about 6am today.

Clear and calm conditions were required to view an aurora, but are unlikely in New Zealand over the next few days.

However, MetService duty forecaster Tui McInnes said conditions weren't likely to favour a glimpse as it passed over the country today.


"Most places won't be cloud-free. There might be the possibility down south. There's probably just too much cloud about, especially high-level cloud.

"It's hard to say. There might be a few people who get a break in the clouds."

There would have been little opportunity to catch a glimpse overnight as the country was covered in a "cloudy mess".

Those in the Northern Hemisphere are more likely to get a better view, according to the Space Weather Prediction Centre.