A water scare that affected residents in parts of Tauranga today has been lifted.

Tauranga City Council said the water was now back to normal for homes in Pyes Pa and The Lakes.

The water had recorded higher than usual pH levels.

While the pH in the Joyce Road Reservoir had returned to normal operating levels after this morning's issues, the council said it would keep monitoring the affected areas.


Maintenance teams would flush areas where needed.

The council asked people get in touch if they are in Pyes Pa or The Lakes and had water that still felt a bit soapy.

Contact the council on 07 577 7000 and they will arrange a maintenance team to flush out the water pipes in your area.

Earlier: The water involved in an urgent warning to Tauranga residents today is almost back to normal, Tauranga City Council says.

In a statement, the council said the pH levels in water supplied to Pyes Pa and The Lakes were now low enough "that there should be no noticeable effects for people who use or drink the water".

We’re making good progress towards fixing the high pH levels in Pyes Pa and The Lakes water supply. The pH levels are...

Posted by Tauranga City Council on Wednesday, 30 August 2017

It said the issue was caused by equipment failure at the Joyce Road water treatment plant early this morning.

The reservoir at Joyce Road was being replenished with lower pH water to get the system back to normal.

The council said it will take a few hours to completely replenish the reservoir.


If anyone notices that their water still feels a bit soapy, please call the council on 07 577 7000.

This morning: Residents in Pyes Pa and The Lakes have been warned high PH levels in the area's water supply could cause skin or mouth irritations.

Tauranga City Council issued an urgent water notice warning residents to avoid using the water for the next few hours.

"This means the water may feel a bit soapy and could make your skin or mouth feel irritated," the notice said.

EDIT Thursday afternoon: This issue is resolved now - water's back to normal. Original post: URGENT WATER NOTICE:...

Posted by Tauranga City Council on Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The water supply had been isolated to other areas of the city and only affected Pyes Pa and The Lakes area which was being flushed clear to remove the high-PH water.

The council will issue an update as soon as the system was back to normal.

Residents who had any health concerns were advised to contact their doctor.