A search effort for two men missing in the Tongariro National Park has found no new clues today and will continue tomorrow.

A beanie was found by one of the search teams yesterday, giving fresh hope of finding the men.

However, Inspector Kevin Taylor said tonight that today's search failed to find anything new.

"We will continue because we can't yet put our hands on our hearts and say we have done all we can. There are still some minor pockets in the search area and we will carry on tomorrow.


"It is incredibly frustrating. Lots and lots of effort has gone into this but we have still been unable to find them."

One hundred and one people, most of whom are volunteers, scoured the dense bush over the weekend looking for the men who fled into the forest to escape a police pursuit last Saturday and got lost.

Police say searchers came from as far afield as Auckland and Wellington to help.

The Police National Dive Squad also thoroughly searched the Mangoatawai Stream and the area which joins the Tongariro River.

Inspector Tony Jeurissen said yesterday searchers were determined to find them and police were making further plans.

"As a result of everyone's relentless focus, we continue to find items of interest."

One such item - a beanie - was found (yesterday), providing another clue for the search management team.

"These small developments keep everyone going each day," said Mr Jeurissen.


"With the continued dedication from all the volunteers, we will bring these men home to their whanau."

Police and LandSAR teams will continue with the search tomorrow.

"I am so grateful for the enthusiasm from so many people all week and for the ongoing support from Ngati Tuwharetoa."