A mother and her baby are still experiencing static shocks after a "frightening" lightning strike.

Thunderstorms are rolling in to Auckland where lightning is striking across the city and rain is expected to get heavier.

Lightning strikes have been recorded across the central city, North Shore and Whangaparaoa.

Kate Wilson was sitting on the coach in her Remuera home when lightning struck.


"All of a sudden I saw a flash hit the neighbour's house and our house, at the same time we saw sparks flying," she said.

"I had my 4-month-old sitting next to me, so I just threw myself on top of him.

"I heard a loud crash and a bang. It's just quite spooky actually."

Wilson said she could see burn marks on the roof of her neighbour's house, but could not get high enough to check her own.

She described the experience as "quite frightening" but said they were still getting static shocks.

"We just have a feeling kind of going through our bodies, so whenever my son and I touch each other we would get a shock," Wilson said.