By Sarla Donovan

Midge-plagued Bromley, Christchurch, residents will know this week what solutions are on the table to try and solve the problem.

City council staff met with the Coastal-Burwood Community Board behind closed doors last week.

They were discussing costs for long and short-term measures to control midges on the wastewater ponds.


This follows a June meeting between a group of affected residents, board members and city council staff.

The city council refused to tell journalists details of last week's meeting, saying it needed to inform residents first.

"Once the residents have been met with to discuss these options, the details of the proposal can be released," said a city council spokeswoman.

One of the options being looked at is installing a UV plant in the Bromley sewage treatment plant, which could cost $3000 daily in power charges.

Coastal Ward city councillor David East has said this option would "obviate the problem altogether".

For years, Bromley residents have been surrounded by armies of midges during the summer months.

The Christchurch city council has spent $800,000 over two years trying to fix the problem to no avail.

Bromley resident Janet Profit is one of those who has been pleading for action.


She said residents wanted the problem "sorted, fixed" by the summer and their preference was for the UV treatment. "We know it's going to cost a lot of money but we don't want them reduced, we want them gone."

"They've paid $800,000 to do what? That money was absolutely wasted, it never worked and that really bugged us."