A very simple question for you - at what point does a bit of common decency, common sense and basic decorum enter the Metiria Turei scandal?

In other words, at what point does she resign?

Just how untenable does it have to become before someone, somewhere, suggests the obvious? Wandering around with an increasing series of illegal activities isn't becoming of someone who wants to run the country.

New developments include the fact her mother turns out to have been living with her while she was claiming the benefit, and further she was registered at two addresses, one with her mum, the second at the home of the father of her child.


There are at least two problems there. One, you can't be at the address of the child's father and still claim the benefit she did, and two, she says she wasn't, she was there so she could vote for a friend in the electorate, that too being illegal.

Her mother, it is claimed, lived independently and they were flatmates. Really? Given the increasing level of dishonesty in this saga, as well as having the outright confessions of illegality, how long is it before we start doubting the stories? .

Dove-tailing in with this shambles is the poll that has 75 per cent of us saying lying to the government to get benefits isn't on.

She may draw some solace from the fact 49 per cent of her Green Party supporters think it's unacceptable, which is a debate for another day. What a depressing thought that so many in that grouping think lying and fraud is an okay activity, while at the same time wanting cleaner rivers and saving snails.

But what we can't escape here, is the law is the law, and what she's done is against it. And more than once, and there is still no contrition.

Part of the judicial process, which by the way I very much hope she becomes part of as they look to claw back the money she's stolen from us, part of that process is contrition and apology. So far, no such luck.

This is beyond politics and debates about poverty and difficulty making ends meet. This is a woman who has confessed to cheating, and has now been caught breaking more laws. And do we know there isn't more to come?

At what point, if she's not falling on her sword, does someone do the decent thing and point out to her none of this is within a million miles of what we expect of the people who run our country?


Her resignation can't be handed in quickly enough.

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