By Lesley Staniland of the Coastal News

A helicopter has been used to remove loose rock and dirt from the slip on State Highway 25A in Coromandel.

The approximately 2000m3 sized slip came down on Sunday night, rendering the road east and west across the peninsula between Kopu and Hikuai impassable.

The NZ Transport Agency advised the highway would remain closed as it was not safe for road users. It may open to one lane late today but intermittent closures would still be needed.


Regional transport system manager Karen Boyt said the helicopter was used to encourage any loose material to fall.

"Our engineers have confirmed the slip is still moving and creating a safety risk to workers and the public.

"The sluicing involved a helicopter dropping around 1000 litres of water on the slope to remove any debris that was close to falling.

"Once the slip is stabilised and the next phase of the plan is put in place to clear the road we will have a better indication of when one lane might open, but at the moment we expect that might be late [Tuesday].

"The public and worker safety is paramount and needs to be considered before a decision is made."

All road users should check the Transport Agency website before embarking on journeys.