Winston Peters has rubbished speculation over a possible Labour-Greens government.

Speaking on TV3's The Nation this morning, the New Zealand First Leader told Patrick Gower about how the political left being in power was "not a fact".

"The media has run the alternative government is Labour-Greens and we all know that now, today, is not a fact.

"Just three more points down and [Andrew] Little doesn't get in."


Peters also rebuffed Gower's question about whether the Greens put the "fear of God" into him.

He said he had no intention of letting the party become influential in government and doubted it had the power to get there given it had "never made it" since it first entered the political scene.

When questioned if he thought he could be at the helm of a NZ First, Green and Labour government, Peters refused to entertain the idea.

"I have never, ever said, or made those sorts of statements [that I could be Prime Minister].

"We are totally focused on the 23rd of September, not the day after."

However, Peters said there were hundreds of "joe bloggs" out there who needed NZ First to do "dramatically well in this election".

On immigration, he continued to deny he was racist, but simply that he wanted to train young New Zealanders to fill the labour shortages.

"You keep trying to paint me as a racist, I'm not a racist."


Earlier, on The Nation co-leader of the Green Party, Metiria Turei, wouldn't say Peters was racist, but said "I think some of the things he says are racist".

Issues she'd brought up were Peters' criticism of the NZ Herald's Asian journalists and his framing of immigration around issues of ethnicity.

She dismissed any possibility Peters could become Prime Minister, but said she would have to think about whether she could work under his governance it if it eventuated.

Turei did say she'd be amenable to working in a government with him as a deputy, if it meant the party could then be effective in bringing in green policy.