Air New Zealand staff on a bumpy mid-storm flight to Wellington cheered passengers with promises of wine and cheese.

The domestic flight from Auckland to Wellington on Thursday night was set to be a rough one, following the week's lashing of rain and wind on the capital.

Media adviser Janine Burns posted on social media after enjoying what she described as a "fabulous" flight, with a humorous captain who gave passengers a "pep talk" before take off.

According to Burns' post the pilot promised three attempts would be made to land in Wellington.


"And if that doesn't work out we'll turn around and come back to Auckland. We've got plenty of fuel on board," the pilot reportedly said.

A flight attendant was then said to chip in with: "And we've got lots of wine and cheese."

Burns described the flying conditions as "hideous" but commended the Air New Zealand staff.

This week's wintry conditions had people sharing online their hair-raising flights into the windy city, notorious for its white knuckle landings.

Wind speeds were said to reach up to 109km/h at Wellington Airport on Thursday, prompting the cancellation of various regional services.

MetService predicted more rain for the capital over the weekend, and the wet weather is expected to continue well into next week.