Footage has emerged of three calves in the back of a car as it drives down a main road in Pukekohe.

While it's not clear when the video was captured, the disbelief of the man behind the camera is unmistakable.

The short clip had garnered over 13,000 views within an hour of being posted to the Only In New Zealand Facebook page today.

Many viewers were curious as to who was moving the livestock.


One Facebook user, possibly no stranger to moving livestock in cars, said "This is a rookie move. Everyone knows you tie them in a big 40kg dog bikkies [bag] so they dont make a mess."

Kate Duncan Hamilton was understanding of the situation: "We had our lambs in the car when they were still on the bottle! Couldn't leave them at home without a feed!"

The Herald can only assume how strange it must have been for a Lions fan visiting New Zealand to witness such a scene.