Readers respond to the article in Southern View about residents fed up with "bong smoking dubsters" in Huntsbury Hill.

Michael Duncan

- Get over it. You block them from town, you lock the carparks around town, keep pushing them away and you will find them sitting in your properties. All they are doing is parking up, having a bong, but I guess that is a problem compared to everything else wrong in the world, grow up yourselves. You were young and broke laws you think you are better.

Troy Gearry - Yes, it would be annoying but people have to realise there isn't a lot of stuff to do, or go, for young people. They are socialising as they are meant to. Find a way to fix the problem, not find more laws and restrictions, as it will just lead to something else.


Kevin Kiwibird - Try putting out nails in the area. They park, you'll have to go back in the morning and remove them but I'm sure the satisfaction of some flat tyres will more than make up for it. Do this for several nights and the vermin will likely disappear.

Nicola N Craig Kinzett - The council need to step in and step up. They provide playgrounds and parks for the younger ones, so why not provide designated areas for the older youth, where they can gather and play music, and admire each others' cars? An after-hours carpark perhaps? This would give them a safe place to go - out of the suburbs, and we'd know where they were.

Lexine Harpur - Why are the police not doing anything about this? Smoking marijuana is illegal. Driving under the influence of drugs is illegal. They are a public nuisance. Noise above a certain level in a public place is also a matter for the police. As is loitering and trespassing onto private properties. Keep calling them and see your local MP in the meantime. Hope things improve for all of these residents soon.

Brendon Liddicoat - Amazing how the moaners have banned people from the city, now they're outside your front door. Happy now? Nope, still moaning. Were you never a teenager? most of you had 6pm closing in bars and used to drink as fast as possible and all drive home.

Jan Edwards - Same thing happening in our street. Police and council don't want to know.