Act leader David Seymour's campaign car has been towed - but appearances can be deceiving.

The Epsom MP called the tow-truck after losing the car's electronic key over the weekend.

"It turns out it has to be towed back to Holden to be re-programmed for a new key. It wasn't mis-parked or anything. The story is that I'm a klutz and lost my car key.

"I did have a spare, but I lost that too."


Seymour wouldn't disclose how much he was having to pay for a new key: "I don't want to say. It's basically extortionate".

The car was parked at his electorate office.

The high cost of replacing remote access car keys is controversial. In March, Geraldine retiree Dave Doy went to the media after he was charged more than $1400 for a spare key for his 2009 Honda Fit.

Aucklander Damian Funnell this year took his case to the Disputes Tribunal after being charged $525 for a replacement remote for his Toyota.

The tribunal ruled the amount excessive and ordered Toyota New Zealand to refund $325.