Aucklanders are set to be charged about 3 per cent more for water and wastewater.

From next month water prices will climb 2.5 per cent and wastewater service charges will be up 3.3 per cent, Watercare says. The price rises are an average across residential and business customers.

Earlier this year mayor Phil Goff warned price rises were likely as part of urgent plans to fix Auckland's ageing sewerage system.

Starting July 1 water prices will increase from $1.444 to $1.480 (including GST) per 1000 litres for all customers.


Fixed wastewater charges for domestic customers will rise by $6 to $211 per year and from $2.454 to $2.540 per 1000 litres of wastewater discharged (including GST).

Wastewater charges for non-domestic customers will increase by an average of 3.3 per cent.

Watercare chief executive Raveen Jaduram said the extra money would cover increases in operating expenses and pay for replacement and renewal of ageing assets.

"Water and wastewater charges fund our day-to-day operations in supplying AA-graded drinking water to the people of Auckland, and treating wastewater to a high standard."

Jaduram said more investment was needed as the city grew.

"These charges help to fund large projects such as the Central Interceptor, which not only provide for growth, but replace or help maintain the levels of service from our existing assets."

The company has forecast it will spend $4.9 billion on capital investment over the next 10 years to support Auckland's population growth.

All Watercare's charges were invested back into maintaining Auckland's water, Jaduram said.

He noted that Watercare did not operate to make a profit, did not pay a dividend and received no money from council rates.

The infrastructure growth charge (IGC) will also increase by 3 per cent, to $11,340 plus GST for metropolitan customers.

For stand-alone non-metropolitan networks where past and future investments are specific to each network, the charges also increase by 3 per cent.