A Glen Innes resident who has been fighting eviction from her home of more than two decades will take her battle to the High Court.

In a decision out today, an Auckland District Court judge has ruled against 62-year-old Ioela (Niki) Rauti and upheld an earlier Tenancy Tribunal decision to have her evicted.

But Rauti and her supporters are vowing to keep up the fight, with an appeal to the High Court.

Rauti has released a statement, saying today's decision was just the beginning, and "only a setback".


"I don't want to be transient, I am fighting the privatisation of state housing for the poor, sick, elderly and vulnerable."

In February the tribunal granted a possession order of the former state house Rauti has called home for 21 years to a housing development company.

Following the court's decision today, 30 of her supporters have gathered outside the house at 14 Taniwha St.

Lisa Gibson, one of Rauti's supporters, spoke on her behalf.

"She's obviously not very happy about the decision."

Gibson said despite the ruling Rauti and those who had her back would be staying put "for as long as it takes".

"Niki is in her house, her supporters are outside at her house. All are sitting there waiting."

Last month Rauti was in court seeking appeal against the decision that gave possession of the Taniwha St house to the Tamaki Regeneration Company.

It is one of 2800 state houses TRC has pinpointed to be replaced with thousands of new homes over the coming years.

The company wants the house and her land for redevelopment but Rauti has so far refused to leave, despite orders to do so and offers of alternative houses nearby.

The house was leased to Rauti in 1999 after the death of her mother, who had lived there since the 1980s.

She said alternative homes offered were not suitable for her needs - they were too damp or the two-storeyed homes were too difficult for her to access.

She's been fighting TRC since it took ownership of her house, along with 2700 other houses in the area, from Housing New Zealand last year.

Rauti planned to lodge an appeal with the High Court.

TRC general manager Neil Porteous said now a decision had been made the company would be working with the "relevant authorities to gain legal possession of the property".

He acknowledged it was a difficult time for Rauti but said the company had been transparent with its plans and its communications with her.

"We would still welcome the chance to talk to Ms Rauti about her specific housing needs," he said.

"We would also like to show her the property we have available for her which is approximately 500 metres away from her current home."